Who is Closing Abortion Clinics?

They say it's about safety. Yeah right

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Live Action Is No Hero

Not acceptable.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malala Yousafzai. Both inspiring activists who continued their life’s work — the civil rights movement and the fight for education for girls, respectively — in the face of violent, terrifying opposition. Both Nobel Peace Prize winners. And Lila Rose, an anti-abortion crusader who founded the organization Live Action, believes that her work is akin to theirs. (Spoiler alert: the comparison couldn’t be more offensive.)

Images of Malala and MLK

Live Action is notorious for their sting videos, in which they go into Planned Parenthood clinics and other abortion providers, and videotape their encounters. They deceitfully edit these videos to appear like these providers are committing illegal activities. These videos aren’t the only lies they spread. Their website and Rose’s speeches are full of misinformation about abortion that has been thoroughly debunked. They tell women that abortion causes breast cancer when it does not. They say that women are mentally harmed by abortion — studies prove the exact opposite is true.

Their end goal is to make abortion illegal across the U.S. through the use of their debunked videos, lies, and other claims. Lila Rose has close ties to David Daleiden — the indicted founder of the Center for Medical Progress who used to work for Live Action — whose sting videos released in July 2015 claimed to show Planned Parenthood officials selling fetal tissue, a claim that was completely untrue. Furthermore — these inflammatory and false claims created a climate of violence, culminating in brutal violence against the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. The man who stormed the clinic, killing three and wounding nine others, said “no more baby parts” after his capture — referencing these videos. At this point, neither Daleiden nor Rose have taken responsibility for the toxic climate created by their incendiary words and videos.

Now the leader of this organization, who has a history of lies and deceit and actively works against the rights to bodily autonomy and self-determination, wants to compare herself to significant and revolutionary historical figures. Try again, Lila Rose.